Kitz Swift 680

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Kitz Swift 680

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Kitz Swift 680 solves office, household and automobile cleaning problems with a safe and unique "spray & wipe" solution. It is formulated from natural vegetable extracts and conforms to the aircraft industry's Boeing D6-17487, McDonnell Douglas CSD#1 and Aerospace MaterialSpecifications AMS 1526A test on safety towards surfaces. Featuring a colloidal action, Kitz Swift 680 cleans continuously with penetrating power and without loss of efficiency, even when the cleaning cloth is soiled. It removes carbonaceous soils, dirt, oil and grease and leaves behind a sparking shine. The formulation annihilates dust mites and discourages files, ants and cockroaches. A high standard of hygiene is attained with the use of Kitz Swift 680 which has powerful germicidal, fungicidal and deodorizing properties conforming to McDonnell Douglas CSD#3 Antimicrobial Curve Test.

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