CV-HW 07 Barb Hose Connection / Male/Female Thread Socket

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CV-HW 07 Barb Hose Connection / Male/Female Thread Socket

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CV-HW 07-1BH22SOH Barb Hose Connection 22-SOH

CV-HW 07-1BH23SOH Barb Hose Connection 23-SOH

CV-HW 07-1BH24SOH Barb Hose Connection 24-SOH


CV-HW 07-1MT22SOM Male Thread Socket 22-SOM

CV-HW 07-1MT23SOM Male Thread Socket 23-SOM

CV-HW 07-1MT24SOM Male Thread Socket 24-SOM


CV-HW 07-1FT22SOF Female Thread Socket 22-SOF

CV-HW 07-1FT23SOF Female Thread Socket 23-SOF

CV-HW 07-1FT24SOF Female Thread Socket 24-SOF


CV-HW 07-1FT22DSH Barb Hose Connection 22-DSH

CV-HW 07-1FT23DSH Barb Hose Connection 23-DSH

CV-HW 07-1FT24DSH Barb Hose Connection 24-DSH


CV-HW 07-1FT22DSM Male Thread Socket 22-DSM

CV-HW 07-1FT23DSM Male Thread Socket 23-DSM

CV-HW 07-1FT24DSM Male Thread Socket 24-DSM


CV-HW 07-1FT22DSF Female Thread Socket 22-DSF

CV-HW 07-1FT23DSF Female Thread Socket 23-DSF

CV-HW 07-1FT24DSF Female Thread Socket 24-DSF


CV-HW 07-3BH22DPH Barb Hose Connection Plug 22-DPH

CV-HW 07-3BH23DPH Barb Hose Connection Plug 23-DPH

CV-HW 07-3BH24DPH Barb Hose Connection Plug 24-DPH


CV-HW 07-3MT22DPM Male Thread Plug 22-DPM

CV-HW 07-3MT23DPM Male Thread Plug 23-DPM

CV-HW 07-3MT24DPM Male Thread Plug 24-DPM


CV-HW 07-3FT22DPF Female Thread Plug 22-DPF

CV-HW 07-3FT23DPF Female Thread Plug 23-DPF

CV-HW 07-3FT24DPF Female Thread Plug 24-DPF

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