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Uncompromising Highest Quality Nano Hybrid Pure Glass

The creation of Zen-Xero came from a communication with over 10,000 customers at home and abroad. To be the highest-class glass coating among all coatings currently in the market, Zen-Xero has been realeased as an uncompromising high quality product after a long developing process to meet the demands of the users and the car owners. Now it has been introduced not only in the japanese market but also overseas as the pinnacle of japanese quality.

Deep Wet-Looking

Zen-Xero, with its hybrid formula, creates a thick glass coat which existing inorganic coating agents cannot achieve. It will give deep gloss on the painted surface, and its finish will absolutely satisfy owners of the vehicles.

Ultra-High Water Repellent Layer

One of the key features of Zen-Xero is its ability to form a high contact water droplet angle over 100 degrees on the painted surface. The newly developed fluoride layer of Zen-Xero ß boosts water repellency and also creates a great looking water beading appearance on the surface. Zen-Xero ß is strongly bonded to the polysilazane (PHPS), material of Zen-Xero, and produces super-high water repellency on the painted work, which gives the surface a high visible impact.

Crystal Gloss

There is no product as amazing as Zen-Xero. The high quality glass layer of the nano-technology produces a deep crystal gloss on your vehicles' surfaces based on scientific evidence.

Easy Application On Dark Colored Painted Surface

Zen-Xero was formulated for easy and effective application, which is much different than other existing glass coatings. The uniform layer and great finish that it produces is ideal on dark colored vehicles which tend to leave streaks and smudges, making it suitable for dark colored paint, such as Mercedes 040 Black, BMW 475 Black Sapphire, Toyota 202 Black and so on.

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